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How To Order?

In Rome, Pizza ‘Al Taglio’ (by the cut) is a very popular style of pizzeria where the pizza is sold by weight.

Order like the Romans do!

AI Taglio (By weight)

When you enter into Ciao Roma, there is a display full of a variety of party size pizzas that you may choose from. We cut all the pizzas in half and then cut strips up to the half way cut. You tell us how big or small of a strip you would like; we then cut it and weigh it to determine the price. The great thing about selling it by weight is that you can create assorted boxes from the available variety.

A Size for Everyone!

Pre-orders and Catering

All of our pizzas can be ordered as full party sized pizzas or ½ party sized pizzas that come with set prices. Our full party sized pizzas are slightly larger than your standard party sized pizza and are cut into 24 squares. For 1-2 party sized pizzas we recommend ordering 45 min in advance and any catering orders of 5 pizzas or more we recommend ordering a day in advance.

Customized Pizza?

No Problem!

If ordering a full or half pizza you can even split our signature and specialty pizzas into thirds or even quarters! Anything less than a half pizza will be weighed to determine the price. Or tell us your favorite topping combination and we would be happy to make it for you!

Welcome To Ciao Roma!

Our History!

In 2010, I went to Italy in search of the best pizza and found it! After sampling tons and tons of pizzerias throughout all of Italy, tough job I know, I finally found a pizza that had it all! It was light, airy, and crunchy with topping combinations I had never seen before and it was sold by weight! Giving me the freedom to choose whatever my stomach desired!

That’s when I decided it was time Toronto’s pizza scene needed a breath of fresh air. Just one problem, I needed to learn how to make it.So I asked the very nice people at the pizzeria for a job and they said no. I went back and asked if I could volunteer, and they said “no”. I went back AGAIN and told them “I NEED to learn this pizza so I can open a pizzeria in Canada!” They finally agreed and put me through a course that taught me everything there is to know about making this amazing pizza!

After four months in Rome, a year of planning and 3 months of construction I was ready to introduce True Roman Style Pizza al Taglio to Toronto! But wait, it still wasn’t enough, something was missing. Bringing the pizza back was great! But I wanted more…

So I brought my teacher, a Master Pizzaiolo from Rome, back to Toronto with me! Throw in hand made Italian tools, the freshest ingredients possible and an ambiance that makes you feel like you’re back in Italy, and that’s a recipe we like to call, Ciao Roma!

People talk

Our Guestbook

The pizza here have a different flavour and textureThey aren’t heavy at all and the best part is you could buy slices and sizes that you want and finish up !!Their menu is updated and their timings too
E Sayed
E Sayed
00:17 21 Sep 23
Great Roman style pizza. Big variety of flavors all priced by weight.
Matthew Daszkiewicz
Matthew Daszkiewicz
20:23 18 Sep 23
Really great pizza and well priced! A bit different from what I think a lot of people are used to since it's Roman style and most other places do Neapolitan pizza. We're a big fan of both and will definitely be coming back!
Antonio Tannas
Antonio Tannas
14:32 18 Sep 23
This establishment should have 5 stars.High quality ingredientsClean and inviting atmosphereGreat customer service.The pizza was fresh, light and refreshing. 10/10. A true hidden gem.
Spiffy Detailing
Spiffy Detailing
15:32 07 Sep 23
Roma style slab and cut to size pizza. So delicious. Crispy and airy crust, and a variety of tasty selections. Been visiting for years. As seen on tv show "You got to eat here"
12:03 08 Jul 23
You have to order it fresh. This pizza out of the oven is the best in the league. The Amatriciana is five stars and my favourite pizza hands down
Luke Hazlewood
Luke Hazlewood
13:15 20 Jun 23
The lady at the front is always super sweet. Their pizzas are good, some much better than others. Love their burrata salad !
Coral Iz
Coral Iz
19:05 04 Apr 23
Roman style slab pizza, they have a wide variety of unique topping combinations. Can order pizza ahead, but they also have many available to purchase in store. Pizza is cut to your choice of size and priced by weightThey also usually have options with no cheese
Zippaty Jr
Zippaty Jr
03:45 17 Feb 23
Omg Roma style cut to size and sold by weight. Delicious pizza definitely recommend
Jacqueline Watson
Jacqueline Watson
09:03 10 Jan 23
Great quality pizza; loved the flavours we got to try - truffle mushroom, gorganzola with mushrooms, and fior di latte pizza. The arancini balls had lots of flavour and ingredients.The pizza is by weight so you can choose the slices to the size of your liking.Dine in space is limited but a few tables are available.Delicious slices at reasonable prices! Was also featured in "you gotta eat here"
Holz H
Holz H
04:17 23 Nov 22
Tried a few different flavours and I feel that the focus is definitely on the thick airy crust and tomato sauce which are both very fresh and tasty. The toppings otherwise didn't really stand out and some of the flavours I got fell a bit flat. Nevertheless, definitely a nice change in the pizza scene to have Roman style pizza that is cut and weighed to your liking. My order cost a bit over $10 which was a good, more than enough sized serving for one person.Service was also kind of standoffish and unapproachable, especially if it's your first time there. Lady didn't seem to want to describe the flavours and didnt seem friendly.
17:02 08 Dec 21
We are proud of

Our Dough

Anyone who knows pizza will tell you,
"It's all in the dough."
Anyone can put toppings on a pizza, but it's the dough that really makes the difference.

To accompany such an amazing dough, we use nothing but the freshest and best ingredients to top our pizzas! Most of our cooking is done "al minute", which means we aren't slicing vegetables and meats to last four days, no.

At Ciao Roma we believe the only way to be truly fresh is to slice the ingredients fresh for every pizza we make! This ensures that your pizza will taste amazing with every bite, every single time you visit us!

Here at Ciao Roma we pride ourselves on making the best, freshest and highest quality dough possible. All the crucial ingredients used in producing our dough are flown in directly from Italy. Once on site we put our dough through a four day process which yields an extremely light, airy, fluffy yet crunchy dough that is packed with tons of flavour.

Furthermore, it is easily the most digestible pizza on the market giving you a wonderful eating experience from the moment you take your first bite all the way until you go to sleep at night!

Four day dough process, freshly sliced ingredients, this all sounds incredible! What could possibly make it better you ask? Beer! The true Roman Pizza al Taglio experience is always accompanied with a nice cold beer!

So Ciao Roma decided to stay true to its Roman Roots and got a liquor license this way our guests can have the full experience; after all I believe the saying goes something like this: "When in Rome."