• Italian Homage
  • That's when I decided it was time Toronto's pizza scene needed a breath of fresh air. Just one problem, I needed to learn how to make it.

    So I asked the very nice people at the pizzeria for a job and they said no. I went back and asked if I could volunteer, and they said no. I went back AGAIN and told them "I NEED to learn this pizza so I can open a pizzeria in Canada!" They finally agreed and put me through a course that taught me everything there is to know about making this amazing pizza!

  • Crafting Perfection
  • So I brought my teacher, a Master Pizzaiolo from Rome, back to Toronto with me! Throw in hand made Italian tools, the freshest ingredients possible and an ambiance that makes you feel like you're back in Italy, and that's a recipe we like to call, Ciao Roma!

  • In 2010, I went to Italy in search of the best pizza and found it! After sampling tons and tons of pizzerias throughout all of Italy, tough job I know, I finally found a pizza that had it all! It was light, airy, and crunchy with topping combinations I had never seen before and it was sold by weight! Giving me the freedom to choose whatever my stomach desired!

  • Always Improving
  • After four months in Rome, a year of planning and 3 months of construction I was ready to introduce True Roman Style Pizza al Taglio to Toronto! But wait, it still wasn't enough, something was missing. Bringing the pizza back was great! But I wanted more...

  • Winning Ingredients